And the London Feminist Film Festival awards go to…

We handed out a total of three awards at the 2012 London Feminist Film Festival, two of which were chosen by our jurors and one of which was chosen by the audience.

In the Feature Film category five films were eligible: Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years 1984–1992, The Border Crossing, Ladies’ Turn, Lesbiana – A Parallel Revolution, and The Witches of Gambaga. The award for Best Feature Film went to…

Helene Harder Award


Hélène Harder for LADIES’ TURN

“[Using] the voices of women who are living it makes the film very genuine and opens a window on the reality of the obstacles posed by prejudices”. Erica Albini, juror

“A highly engaging and assured work of observational documentary”. Annette Kuhn, juror

In the Short Film category, 10 films were eligible: As a Warrior, Beautiful Sentence, Give Us a Smile, I Too Have a Name, Kung Fu Grandma, Sari Stories, Seating Code, She Was No Greta Garbo, Taxi Sister, and The Womanhood. The award for Best Short Film went to…

Best Short Film Award


Jeong-One Park for KUNG FU GRANDMA

“At once frightening and empowering. Too often, stories decontextualize Africa’s problems … but this film, however uncomfortable, views the sexual assault of elders – as well as the community’s response – from within. Against the backdrop of saviorist narratives about Africa, the reverence with which Kung Fu Grandma highlights community-driven solutions is assuring”. Spectra, juror

All the films screened at the 2012 London Feminist Film Festival were also up for an award chosen by you – the Feminist Favourite Audience Award. It was really close, and after all votes had been counted we called one of our previous recipients back onto the stage! The Feminist Favourite Audience Award went to…

Helene Harder Award


Hélène Harder for LADIES’ TURN