Announcing our 2017 Feminist Classic!

For the first time in LFFF herstory, we will have a screening at the UK ‘home of film’, the BFI Southbank. And what better film to screen than our 2017 Feminist Classic – the beautiful 1977 Iranian film The Sealed Soil, by Marva Nabili – on its 40th anniversary.

Eighteen-year-old Rooy-Bekheir rejects suitor after suitor as she struggles for independence and identity in her southern Iranian village. The Sealed Soil, the first independent feature by an Iranian woman director, was shot clandestinely before being smuggled out of pre-revolution Iran for post-production. It achieved international success, including winning Most Outstanding Film of the Year at the 1977 London Film Festival, but has never been shown in Iran. The beautifully shot film has been compared stylistically to Chantal Akerman’s Jeanne Dielman. This is a rare chance to see a feminist classic on the director’s own 16mm print.

The screening will be at 8.30 pm on Saturday 19 August, in NFT2 (moving to the lavish NFT1 if we sell out NFT2). Tickets go on sale on 11 July, so for now put the dates in your diary and await this mistresspiece of Iranian cinema!