Successful second day at LFFF2017, and more to come today!

Packed house of enthusiastic vegan feminists – excited for the talk and their vegan cupcakes!

Thank you all who came on Friday. We had a thought-provoking panel following our session on Indian Women Claiming Spaces. We heard from activists who are on the ground in India and discussed the place that white women have in making films about other cultures. This was followed by a sold out talk on Feminism and Veganism – with free vegan cupcakes provided by Lola’s Cupcakes and coconut milk from Koko Dairy Free.

Our wonderful panel and chair: Dr Kate Stewart, Sophie Delarny, Ali Ryland, and Kaur Binjie.

Early in the afternoon today, we have the Feminism and the Archive session, featuring the European Premiere of the feature film Hauntings in the Archive! The film reflects on and exposes the his/herstory/ies of the Austrian Association of Women Artists. This is followed by a short talk about the Rio Cinema’s support of intersectional feminism in 1980s and 1990s – as discovered through exploring their archives.


Following this, 7 short films in our Visibility session. These films explore the role of women in society. Jacquelyn Guederley (co-founder of Stemettes; founder of women’s literary magazine, Salome) is chairing the 7-women-strong panel, discussing the visibility and invisibility of women, as well as their own experiences. At the start of this session, we have a short film entitled Why Aren’t We Hiring More Women?, as part of Refinery 29’s Shatterbox Anthology – the movie series aiming to cultivate and spotlight the voices of women directors.

Then on Saturday night we have one of the highlights of the festival, the 40th anniversary screening of The Sealed Soil at the BFI. Smuggled out of Iran in the pre-revolution era, this film has received much international acclaim but has never been shown in Iran. It explores the 18 year old protagonist, Rooy-Bekheir, struggling for her independence and identity in her southern Iranian village. We are so lucky to have a post-film Q&A with director Marva Nabilli, who has flown in from LA for the screening.