Sat 19 Aug 3.30 PM: Visibility

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VISIBILITY + panel discussion
This session of short films explores ways of navigating (in)visibility.

One in Five
Directors: Holly Bourdillon and Hannah McMeeking / 2007 / UK / Rating: PG / 12 mins
Two feminist film students research the lack of women in the film industry to find out what is stopping women from succeeding.

Brexit Unveiled
Directors: Aliyah Bensouda, Aisha Clarke, Ruth Egagha, Violet Marcenkova, Jorja Oladiran, Poppy Sharples, Lily Barnett and Monique Washington / 2016 / UK / Rating: PG / 4 mins
Examining the increased levels of violence that Muslim women have faced since the Brexit vote.

Director: Clare Unsworth / 2016 / UK / Rating: PG / 4 mins
A lyrical, physical expression of a powerful poem by Leah Thorn about the systematic silencing of women – and about resistance to that silencing.

Directors: Emilia Stålhammar, Veronica Pålsson and Elsa Löwdin / 2016 / Sweden / Rating: U / 15 mins
The traffic in Kampala, Uganda can be chaotic and dangerous. This multi-award-winning short follows urban planner Amanda Ngabirano’s campaign for a cycling lane in her city, plus other women cyclists who negotiate the restrictions imposed on women by society.

Mrs Somerville’s Monument
Directors: Rebecca Hurwitz and Liz Liste / 2017 / UK / Rating: PG / 7 mins
This animated short asks why so few women have been awarded a science Nobel Prize.

Women Speak Out! Mena 
Director: Women’s Resource Centre / 2016 / UK / Rating: PG / 5 mins
Mena speaks about her experiences of racism.

More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters
Director: Kelly Gallagher / 2016 / USA / Rating: U / 6 mins
A shimmering, poetic ode to the activist Lucy Parsons. Animation illuminates Lucy’s fierce battles against injustice, from her birth on a Texas plantation, to Chicago and beyond.