Sun 23 Aug 1.30PM: But They Can’t Break Stones + short

SUNDAY 23 AUGUST 1.30 pm at the RIO CINEMA 

I WAS FIVE WHEN I BECAME A WOMAN & BUT THEY CAN’T BREAK STONES + panel discussion with director Elena DirstaruSarita Panday (academic researching women community health volunteers who support maternal health improvement and women’s empowerment in rural Nepal), and Wendy Ngoma (Programme Manager for Nepal at Womankind Worldwide). Chaired by Lucy McMahon (Finishing PhD on health, informal work and political resistance in Rio de Janeiro and did her fieldwork with the feminist workers’ rights NGO CAMTRA)

I Was Five When I Became a Woman (پنج سالم بود که زن شدم)

I was five when i became a woman 3I was five when i became a woman 1

Director: Maryam Tafakory / 2014 / UK / Rating: U / 5 mins

An emotional tapestry that invites you to briefly share the life-long torment of genital mutilation still forced upon many young girls around the world.

But They Can’t Break Stones WORLD PREMIERE

BUT THEY CAN'T BREAK STONES 1Director: Elena Dirstaru / 2015 / Nepal / Rating: U / 50 mins

BUT THEY CAN'T BREAK STONES 3BUT THEY CAN'T BREAK STONES 2Nepal’s civil war ended nearly 10 years ago and its effects are still very visible, especially in terms of women’s rights. But They Can’t Break Stones shows the effect the war has had on women, and how women’s lives are shaped by political instability and by cultural norms that place them in domestic roles. We meet Radha Paudel, an activist working to educate women about their rights, and see her fighting chaupadi – an illegal tradition which considers women impure when menstruating and can mean they are banished to a tiny shed when on their periods. We also see women who are working for their independence, training to be mountain guides at an all-female training centre in Pokhara. A fascinating insight into women’s rights in Nepal.