LFFF 2016


FEMINIST CLASSIC: A Place of Rage + Poem about My Rights: June Jordan + panel discussion with Nazmia Jamal (Kali Films), Ikamara Larasi (Black feminist activist), and Veronica McKenzie (filmmaker, budding historian). Chaired by Dorett Jones (independent filmmaker, writer, cultural critic)

Poem about My Rights: June Jordan
Producers: Pratibha Parmar and Shaheen Haq / 2011 / 5 mins
Animated short of June Jordan reading her ‘Poem about My Rights’.

A Place of Rage
Director: Pratibha Parmar / 1991 / UK / Rating: PG / 54 minsA Place of Rage_3
25th anniversary screening of the exuberant award-winning documentary by Pratibha Parmar. A celebration of African American women and their achievements, featuring interviews with Angela Davis, June Jordan, and Alice Walker.

FRIDAY 19 AUGUST 6.30 pm
REFUGEE WOMEN + panel discussion with Sarah Graham (Women for Refugee Women), Ntombi (ex-detainee featured in Women Speak Out! Ntombi) and Melissa Chaplin (Researching Multilinguality at Borders). Chaired by Vivienne Hayes (CEO, Women’s Resource Centre)

Set Her Free WORLD PREMIERESet Her Free 1
Director: Priya Sundram / 2016 / UK / Rating: PG / 4 mins
Short animation on the experiences of refugee women, many of whom have survived sexual violence and torture, who are detained in Yarl’s Wood.

Women Speak Out! Ntombi UK PREMIERE
Director: Women’s Resource Centre / 2015 / UK / Rating: PG / 5 mins
Testimony from Ntombi, a refugee, as part of a project by the Women’s Resource Centre.

The Ambassador’s Wife (Eshet Hashagrir) EUROPEAN PREMIEREAmbassador's Wife 3
Director: Dina Zvi-Riklis / 2016 / Israel / Rating: 15 / 40 mins / Subtitled
A tale of loss and endurance, the story of a life turned upside down by political events. A beautifully shot film from award-winning director Dina Zvi-Riklis.

THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE + panel discussion with directors Natasha Waugh and Magenta Baribeau. Chaired by Lisa Hallgarten (Voice for Choice)

Terminal UK PREMIERETerminal
Director: Natasha Waugh / 2016 / Ireland / Rating: 12A / 11 mins
Two women meet in an Irish airport departure lounge on their way to the UK for an abortion.

No Kids for Me, Thanks! (Maman? Non merci!) EUROPEAN PREMIEREMaman_2
Director: Magenta Baribeau / 2015 / Canada / Rating: U / 74 mins / Subtitled
Documentary on Western women who’ve decided not to have children. Explores common myths about childfree women as well as the insidious pro-natalist social pressure that operates in Western society.

WOMEN’S BODIES AS SITES … + panel discussion with Camille Kumar (Imkaan) and Jess Pardoe (director, Measure Up!). Chaired by Marai Larasi MBE (Imkaan)

What Happened to Her EUROPEAN PREMIEREWhat_Happened_to_Her_1
Director: Kristy Guevara-Flanagan / 2016 / USA / Rating: 18 / 14 mins
An exploration of our cultural obsession with images of dead women on screen.

Trigger warning: imagery and subject matter relating to violence against women.

Director: Eve Jeffery / 2016 / Australia / Rating: 15 / 10 mins
Faith shares her story to highlight the culture of rape that women live in every day through the media and social attitudes.
Trigger warning: subject matter and re-enactment of sexual violence

Measure Up! WORLD PREMIERE MeasureUp_still_LFFF6
Director: Jess Pardoe / 2016 / UK / Rating: 15 / 10 mins
Documentary about sizeism in the plus size modelling industry, media representation, and body confidence.

Impatient Voices WORLD PREMIERE 04_Impatient Voices
Director: Choterina Freer / 2016 / UK / Rating: 15 / 12 mins
Experimental film on women’s bodies and health, using 2D and 3D animation and archival footage from a 1970s feminist theatre collective.

SUNDAY 21 AUGUST 1.30 pm

ANIMATION AND EXPERIMENTAL SHORTS + panel discussion with directors Judith Rifeser and Fateme Ahmadi, animator Maryam Mohair, and Terry Wragg (Leeds Animation Workshop). Chaired by Linnéa Haviland (award-winning animator)

The Trees WORLD PREMIEREThe Trees 1
Director: Rebecca Murrell / 2016 / Canada / Rating: PG / 2 mins
A twist on the traditional Little Red Riding Hood tale, this film addresses the clichés and expectations forced upon women today.

They Call Us MaidsThey Call Us Maids
Director: Leeds Animation Workshop / 2015 / UK / Rating: PG / 7 mins
Based on real life stories of migrant domestic workers, this film uses vivid watercolour animation to reveal some disturbing truths about modern slavery.

Sharla Shabana Sojourner Selena EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Director: Rehana Zaman / 2016 / UK / Rating: 12A / 22 mins
This film sees a succession of female narrators recount experiences and reflections on the possibility to be, and examines an intersectional female experience through testimony, performance, and bodily contact.

A Letter of Love to You WORLD PREMIEREA Letter of Love 2
Director: Judith Rifeser / 2016 / UK / Rating: U / 3 mins
Experimental film questioning our use of the phrase ‘I love you’ and why we objectify what we love.

Beach(es) (Plage(s)) UK PREMIEREBeaches
Director: Lucie Szechter / 2014 / France / Rating: PG / 10 mins / Subtitled
Yuko is not always sure how to listen to her body and her desires. A friendship emerges from this stationary drifting. Winner Prix Court d’ici, Nice Film Festival (2014).

One Thousand and One TeardropsOne Thousand and One Teardrops 2
Director: Fateme Ahmadi / 2014 / UK / Rating: U / 17 mins
Award-winning short narrated by Shappi Khorsandi on the subject of women’s dress codes in Iran, featuring cutout animation, archive footage, motion graphics, satire, and music.

SUNDAY 21 AUGUST 4.00 pm
Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model + Count + panel discussion with director Rebecca Brand, protagonist Bryony Kimmings, director of photography Daniella Cesarei, and Larissa Kennedy (Girlguiding). Chaired by Marianna Tortell (VAWG activist)

Count Count
Director: Clare Unsworth / 2015 / UK / Rating: PG / 3 mins
In this vibrant and moving poetryfilm, a diverse of group of women and young women powerfully join together to name and challenge issues of everyday sexism.

Credible Likeable Superstar Role ModelCLSRM_3
Director: Rebecca Brand / 2016 / UK / Rating: 12A / 73 mins
A ‘pop-u-mentary’ following award-winning performance artist Bryony Kimmings and her 10-year-old niece Taylor as they try to combat the hyper-sexualised, commercialised world of pop by creating their own alternative popstar role model for Tweens (7–12 year old girls). They launch their creation into the world, perform to thousands of children, and garner international media attention. An inspirational and entertaining film for anyone who cares about the impact of the media we consume.