Sat 20 Aug 4.00PM: Women’s Bodies as Sites …


WOMEN’S BODIES AS SITES … SHORTS SESSION + panel discussion with Camille Kumar (Imkaan) and Jess Pardoe (director, Measure Up!). Chaired by Marai Larasi MBE (Imkaan)

This session will explore and provide space for discussion about women’s bodies as sites of abuse perpetrated against them, and as sites of resistance and celebration. We will also explore the representation of women’s bodies by women and by patriarchal media and ask which women’s bodies are represented and celebrated.

What Happened to Her EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Director: Kristy Guevara-Flanagan / 2016 / USA / Rating: 18 / 14 mins
Trigger warning: imagery and subject matter relating to violence against women.
An exploration of our cultural obsession with images of the dead woman on screen. Interspersing film and TV footage with an actress’ experience of playing a corpse, the filmWhat_Happened_to_Her_1 offers a meditative critique on the trope of the dead female body. The visual narrative of the genre, one reinforced through its intense and pervasive repetition, is revealed as a highly structured pageant. Concurrently, the experience of physical invasion and exploitation voiced by the actress pierce the fabric of the screened fantasy. The result is recurring and magnetic film cliché laid bare.
Honourable Mention Best Short Documentary Category, Hot Docs Festival (2016).

Director: Eve Jeffery / 2016 / Australia / Rating: 15 / 10 mins
Trigger warning: subject matter and re-enactment of sexual violence

Faith speaks about her ordeal of being raped 22 years ago, about how it changed her life and how it has shaped the woman she is today. Faith believes by allowing the world to see her story she can highlight the culture of rape that women live in every day through the media and social attitudes. The film touches on the role a woman’s faith plays in her response to trauma.

Director: Jess Pardoe / 2016 / UK / Rating: 15 / 10 mins
Plus vs straight size is an ongoing battle in the fashion industry, but why must we discriminate and separate them? Documentary about sizeism in the plus size modelling industry, media representation, and body confidence.

Impatient Voices WORLD PREMIERE
Director: Choterina Freer / 2016 / UK / Rating: 15 / 12 mins
Experimental film on women’s bodies and health, composed of 2D and 3D animation, digital compositing, hand drawn images, infographics, and reconstructions of photographs of 1970s healthcare collectives. The audio uses archival footage from a 1970s feminist theatre collective and healthcare activists from the same era, alongside more contemporary sourced sound.