Sat 19 Aug 3.30 PM: Visibility

VISIBILITY + panel discussion with Holly Bourdillon (co-director, 1 in 5), Hannah McMeeking (co-director, 1 in 5), Gulnaz Can (Trustee, Global Girl Media), Aisha Clarke (co-director, Brexit Unveiled), Clare Unsworth (director, Shhh!), Leah Thorn (spoken word poet whose poem is featured in Shhh!), and Mena Fombo (protagonist, Mena). Chaired by Jacquelyn Guderley (founder, Salomé and co-founder, Stemmettes).

This session of short films explores ways of navigating (in)visibility.

Prior to the session we will screen a short film, Passport Photos, about the lack of abortion rights for Irish and Northern Irish women, followed by a brief update on the situation in Ireland.

One in Five
Directors: Holly Bourdillon and Hannah McMeeking / 2007 / UK / Rating: PG / 12 mins
Two feminist film students research the lack of women in the film industry to find out what is stopping women from succeeding.


Brexit Unveiled
Directors: Aliyah Bensouda, Aisha Clarke, Ruth Egagha, Violet Marcenkova, Jorja Oladiran, Poppy Sharples, Lily Barnett and Monique Washington / 2016 / UK / Rating: PG / 4 mins
Examining the increased levels of violence that Muslim women have faced since the Brexit vote.

Director: Clare Unsworth / 2016 / UK / Rating: PG / 4 mins
A lyrical, physical expression of a powerful poem by Leah Thorn about the systematic silencing of women – and about resistance to that silencing.


Directors: Emilia Stålhammar, Veronica Pålsson and Elsa Löwdin / 2016 / Sweden / Rating: U / 15 mins
The traffic in Kampala, Uganda can be chaotic and dangerous. This multi-award-winning short follows urban planner Amanda Ngabirano’s campaign for a cycling lane in her city, plus other women cyclists who negotiate the restrictions imposed on women by society.

Jury Prize, Bike Shorts Film Festival (2017)
Prize for Inspiring Message, Ektopfilm International Festival of Sustainable Development Films (2017)
Best Film Award, International Cycling Film Festival (2016)
Audience Award, International Cycling Film Festival (2016)


Mrs Somerville’s Monument
Directors: Rebecca Hurwitz and Liz Liste / 2017 / UK / Rating: PG / 7 mins
This animated short asks why so few women have been awarded a science Nobel Prize.


Women Speak Out! Mena 
Director: Women’s Resource Centre / 2016 / UK / Rating: PG / 5 mins
Mena speaks about her experiences of racism.


More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters
Director: Kelly Gallagher / 2016 / USA / Rating: U / 6 mins
A shimmering, poetic ode to the activist Lucy Parsons. Animation illuminates Lucy’s fierce battles against injustice, from her birth on a Texas plantation, to Chicago and beyond.

Jury’s Choice Award, Black Maria Film Festival (2017)
Ivan Kaljevic Award, Alternative Film/Video Festival Belgrade (2016)