Thu 17 Aug 6.00 PM: Talk Back Out Loud

Talk Back Out Loud + panel discussion with Kaori Sakagami (director), Rhodessa Jones (protagonist of the film and acclaimed theatre director & performer), Naima Sakande (Programme Lead, Young Women’s Work, Leap Confronting Conflict), and Sophie Strachan (Chair, The Sophia Forum). Chaired by Marianna Tortell (CEO, Domestic Violence Intervention Project). EUROPEAN PREMIERE

Talk Back Out Loud
Director: Kaori Sakagami / 2014 / USA & Japan / Rating: U / 119 mins

The Medea Project: Theatre for Incarcerated Women, an all-women theatre group originating in San Francisco, produces work by and for women who are HIV-positive and/or have experiences of being incarcerated in the US prison system. The women in the theatre group are often marginalised and silenced by and within the prison system, health services and the art world; through the Medea Project led by Rhodessa Jones, they claim and celebrate their own identities, space and survival. This film challenges the othering of women who have been diagnosed as HIV-positive and/or criminalised by white patriarchal institutions and communities.