London Feminist Film Festival 2013 programme

SUNDAY 24 NOVEMBER 3.30 pm   

BODY POLITICS + panel discussion

Beryl Magoko / 43 mins / 2012 / Uganda, Kenya
Female circumcision in East Africa – the various traditional ceremonies and efforts to eradicate them.

Blank Canvas UK PREMIERE
Sarah Berkovich / 4 mins / 2011 / USA
Undergoing chemotherapy, Kim copes with her changing body image in a positive and unconventional way.

Still Fighting: The Story of Clinic Escorts WORLD PREMIERE
Rebecca Sesny / 13 mins / 2013 / USA
Abortion clinic escorts in two US states help patients arrive safely.

SUNDAY 24 NOVEMBER 6.00 pm   

The Spice Girls of India + shorts + panel discussion

Falling Blossom EUROPEAN PREMIEREFalling Blossom
Jay Jihyun Kim / 5 mins / 2013 / USA
Experimental short animation on the grief of ‘comfort women’ in World War II.

Women Rising: Political Leadership in Africa EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Jennifer Okungu / 18 mins / 2013 / Kenya, Malawi, Liberia, Uganda
African political leaders share their experiences and their vision for an Africa with equal political representation.

The Spice Girls of India WORLD PREMIEREThe Spice Girls of India
Mitu Bhowmick-Lange / 50 mins / 2012 / Australia, India
Seven young sisters take over their deceased father’s famous spice business in this uplifting film.

MONDAY 25 NOVEMBER 6.30 pm   

CLAIMING SPACES + panel discussion 

Bending the Lens: 20 years of the London Lesbian Film Festival EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Mary J. Daniel / 33 mins / 2012 / Canada
The inception, growth, and impact of the longest running lesbian film festival in North America.

Kelly Gallagher / 4 mins / 2013 / USA
An experimental short film in response to street harassment.

White Robes, Saffron Dreams WORLD PREMIERE
Teena Gill / 43 mins / 2013 / Thailand, India
The discriminatory treatment of women in Theravada Buddhism in Thailand.

TUESDAY 26 NOVEMBER 6.30 pm   

FEMINIST CLASSIC: The Gold Diggers + panel discussion 
Sally Potter / 86 mins / 1983 / UK
The Gold Diggers Sally Potter’s award winning classic of 1980s feminist cinema. Made with an all-woman crew, with stunning photography and a score by Lindsay Cooper, the film embraces a radical and experimental narrative structure.


INSPIRING WOMEN + panel discussion 

The Red Fairy (Laal Pari) EUROPEAN PREMIERELaal Pari
Sadia Halima / 20 mins / 2013 / USA, India
An illiterate woman is elected into village council in Bihar, India.

Nikola Gillgren / 23 mins / 2013 / Sweden
Three women fighting for women’s rights in three war-torn countries.

30% (Women and Politics in Sierra Leone)30%
Anna Cady / 11 mins / 2012 / UK
Oil painted animation enlivens this story of three powerful women working for women’s fair representation in Sierra Leone’s government.

Half Value Life (در دهکده ای که نافص الغقلم می نامن)
Alka Sadat / 25 mins / 2009 / Afghanistan
Maria Bashir, Afghanistan’s first female chief prosecutor, fights to eliminate violence against women.


Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights + panel discussion INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL PREMIERE
Nevline Nnaji / 81 mins / 2013 / USAReflections Unheard
Black women’s marginalisation in the Black Power and Feminist movements, and the resulting political mobilisation of women of colour.


EXPECTATIONS + panel discussion 

Maaria Sayed / 26 mins / 2013 / India
A woman’s new-found freedom is constrained by societal norms.

The Lala RoadLala Road
Letitia Lamb / 10 mins / 2012 / Australia
Lesbian women in China talk about negotiating the pressures to marry and have children.

Christina Pitouli / 30 mins / 2013 / Spain
Conversations about female genital mutilation with women from Africa who live in Spain.

FRIDAY 29 NOVEMBER 6.30 pm   

Daughters of the Niger Delta + short + panel discussion 

For Grandmother (Para Kay Ama) EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Relyn A. Tan / 23 mins / 2012 / Philippines
Drama portraying the challenges faced by female Chinese-Filipinos in the Philippines.

Daughters of the Niger Delta EUROPEAN PREMIEREDaughters of the Niger Delta
Ilse van Lamoen / 56 mins / 2012 / Nigeria
A taste of everyday life in the Niger Delta through the eyes of three ordinary women, highlighting their strength to overcome injustices.

FRIDAY 29 NOVEMBER 9.00 pm   

ACTIVISM + panel discussion 

Foot for Love: The Thokozani Football Club in Paris UK PREMIERE
Elise Lobry and Veronica Noseda / 12 mins / 2013 / France
A black lesbian South African football team campaigns against discrimination and violence against lesbians.

The CampaignerThe Campaigner
Rebecca Brand / 3 mins / 2012 / UK
78 year old Joyce refuses to go along with the quiet, conformist role society approves of for older women.

To Hear Her Voice WORLD PREMIERETo Hear Her Voice
Clare Neylon / 16 mins / 2012 / UK
The women’s suffrage movement as seen through the work of playwrights of the time.

At Home, in Bed and in the Streets (En la Casa, la Cama y la Calle) UK PREMIEREEn la casa, la cama y la calle
Liz Miller / 35 mins / 2013 / Canada and Nicaragua
A Nicaraguan women’s rights group works to end sexual violence through a blend of TV drama and grassroots organising.


HERSTORIES + panel discussion 

Through the Glass CeilingThrough the Glass Ceiling
Leeds Animation Workshop / 17 mins / 1994 / UK
Fairytale-based animation about equal opportunities for women, firmly set in the real world of gender stereotyping, sexual harassment, and discrimination.

Strength Is Not Enough (La Forza Non Basta) UK PREMIERE
Valentina Arena / 3 mins / 2012 / Italy
Experimental short about the deep-rooted causes of violence against women.

Waiting for You UK PREMIERE
Lisa Fingleton / 25 mins / 2013 / Ireland, UK
An intimate five-year video diary of a lesbian couple’s journey towards motherhood.

The Yellow WallpaperThe Yellow Wallpaper
Nidhi Reddy / 3 mins / 2013 / USA
2D animation based on the feminist novel of the same name about a woman driven to insanity.

Joy, It’s NinaJoy it's Nina
Jane Thorburn / 34 mins / 2012 / UK, Nigeria
Evocative and original film building on the experiences and emotional lives of West African women living in the UK.


FEMINIST CLASSIC: Born in Flames + short + panel discussion 

Smile WORLD PREMIEREBorn in Flames
Nadia Barbu / 2 mins / 2013 / UK, Romania
A surreal animated revenge fantasy.

Born in Flames
Lizzie Borden / 90 mins / 1983 / USA
30th anniversary screening of Lizzie Borden’s award-winning feminist science fiction classic which explores racism, classism, heterosexism, and sexism.

SATURDAY 30 NOVEMBER 7.00 pm until 3.00 am
LFFF after party and awards ceremony                                       
Join us for the LFFF 2013 after party and awards ceremony where we’ll be presenting the awards for Best Feature Film, Best Short Film, and Feminist Favourite Audience Award. We’ll also have spoken word performers, DJs, feminist art, live music, and more.