Fri 29 Nov 9.00 PM: Activism

Friday 29 November 9.00 pm

+ panel discussion with Elise Lobry and Veronica Noseda (directors, Foot for Love), Rebecca Brand (director, The Campaigner), Clare Neylon (director, To Hear Her Voice), and Helen Dixon (featured in En la Casa, la Cama y la Calle). Chaired by Nicola Chang (MA  Latin American Cultural Studies student at Birkbeck University).

Foot for Love: The Thokozani Football Club in Paris UK PREMIERE
Elise Lobry and Veronica Noseda / France / 2013 / 12 mins / English and French with English subtitles

The Campaigner
Rebecca Brand / UK / 2012/ 3 mins / English

Clare Neylon / UK / 2012 / 16 mins / English

 At Home, in Bed and in the Streets (En la Casa, la Cama y la Calle) UK PREMIERE
Liz Miller / Canada and Nicaragua / 2013 / 35 mins / English and Spanish with English subtitles

This session is dedicated to the different ways in which women use activism as a tool to change society and improve women’s lives.

Foot for Love 2
© Laurence Prat

The first film is the UK premiere of Foot for Love: The Thokozani Football Club in Paris. The film follows the visit to Paris made by the South African football team Thokozani FC. We witness their match against the Parisian team Les Dégommeuses, and the ‘Foot for Love’ week of action in which the two teams address issues of violence and discrimination against lesbians.


The second film is The Campaigner, which focuses on 78 year old Joyce who refuses to go along with the quiet, conformist role society approves of for older women. Joyce is fearless in facing up to the injustice she sees in the world, and wishes more of us were too.

To Hear Her Voice1

The third film in this session is the World premiere of To Hear Her Voice which explores the herstory of the women’s suffrage movement through the work of playwrights who wrote in support of the movement at the time. Their plays were performed in many locations, from London stages to rallies in Manchester parks, but over the last century they have been largely forgotten and consigned to the archives. This film shows the work of a few passionate researchers who aim to bring the plays back to life and into the public domain.

En la casa2

The session concludes with Liz Miller’s documentary At Home, in Bed and in the Streets (En la Casa, la Cama y la Calle). This film follows a visionary women’s rights group in Nicaragua which is working to end sexual violence at home, in bed, and in the streets through a powerful blend of TV drama and grassroots organising. Made by women and aired on commercial television, family drama Contracorriente has reached millions of viewers in countries in Central America and the Caribbean, and is at the centre of a campaign to prevent the growing wave of sexual exploitation and trafficking. Chronicling their process over three years, En la casa gets behind the scenes with this visionary team of writers, actors, and producers as they create Contracorriente and work to promote awareness of the issues it raises.