Sat 30 Nov 3.30 PM: Herstories

Saturday 30 November 3.30 pm

+ panel discussion with Terry Wragg (co-creator, Through the Glass Ceiling), Lisa Fingleton (director, Waiting for You), Jane Thorburn (director, Joy It’s Nina), and Joy Elias-Rilwan (performer and writer, Joy It’s Nina). Chaired by Abbe Fletcher (Senior Lecturer in film making and film studies, Kingston University).

Through the Glass Ceiling
Leeds Animation Workshop / UK / 1994 / 17 mins / English

Strength Is Not Enough (La Forza Non Basta) UK PREMIERE
Valentina Arena / Italy / 2012 / 3 mins / Italian with English subtitles

Waiting for You UK PREMIERE
Lisa Fingleton / Ireland and UK / 2013 / 25 mins / English

The Yellow Wallpaper
Nidhi Reddy / USA / 2013 / 3 mins / English

Joy, It’s Nina
Jane Thorburn / UK and Nigeria / 2012 / 34 mins / English and Yoruba with English subtitles

This session is dedicated to stories by and about women which capture some of the issues women face in society today.

Through the Glass Ceiling

The first film in this session is Through the Glass Ceiling from Leeds Animation Workshop. This is a fairytale-based animation about equal opportunities for women, firmly set in the real world of gender stereotyping, sexual harassment, and discrimination. Once upon a time, a princess set out to look for a job which would make full use of her abilities. To her surprise, she found a series of barriers placed in her path – simply because she was a woman.

La Forza1

The UK premiere of Strength is not Enough (La forza non basta) is next in the session – a film by Valentina Arena which addresses the need to look at the root causes of violence against women.

The third film in this session is the award-winning Waiting for You, an intimate five-year video diary of a lesbian couple’s journey towards motherhood on a small farm in Ireland. The film recently premiered at the GAZE International LGBT Film Festival in Ireland where it won the Spirit of GAZE award.

Yellow Wallpaper1       Yellow Wallpaper3

The Yellow Wallpaper is an animated short based on the feminist short story of the same name by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. It centres on a woman who, bound by the confines of femininity and depression, delves into insanity as she tries to tear down her oppressor. Read our interview with The Yellow Wallpaper director Nidhi Reddy here.

Joy it's Nina1       Joy its Nina1

The session concludes with Jane Thorburn’s Joy It’s Nina. Shot in England and Nigeria, this evocative and original film builds on the experiences and emotional lives of West African women living in the UK separated from their families. The film addresses the varied problems of isolation, mental health, and domestic slavery that are experienced by women of all social classes, and is intertwined with the real life relationship between the actress Joy Elias-Rilwan and singer Nina Simone. The film juxtaposes sound and image in surprising ways to offer moving interpretations of identity politics and the place of a woman in two different societies.

Joy It’s Nina trailer