Wed 27 Nov 6.30 PM: Inspiring Women

Wednesday 27 November 6.30 pm

+ panel discussion with Anna Cady (director, 30%), Em Cooper (animation,
30%), and Dorett Jones (Imkaan and film reviewer). Chaired by Jessica Horn (writer, women’s rights consultant, founding member of the African Feminist Forum).

The Red Fairy (Laal Pari) EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Sadia Halima / USA and India / 2013 / 20 mins / Hindi and Bhojpuri with English subtitles

Nikola Gillgren / Sweden / 2013 / 23 mins / English and Mengrelian, Abkhaz and Sorani Kurdish with English subtitles

30% (Women and Politics in Sierra Leone)
Anna Cady / UK / 2012 / 11 mins / English

Half Value Life (در دهکده ای که نافص الغقلم می نامن)
Alka Sadat / Afghanistan / 2009 / 25 mins / Dari with English subtitles

This session is dedicated to inspiring women and their fight across the world for women’s rights.

Laal Pari2

The first film is the European premiere of Sadia Halima’s The Red Fairy (Laal Pari). The film follows Laal Pari, an illiterate woman in Bihar (India) who is elected into village council and works on the cause closest to her heart – the safety and equal rights of women in her village. Threatened by pervasive misogyny and stunted by patriarchal bureaucracy, finding a voice for herself and the means to serve the women in her community turns into a daunting task. Self-motivated and self-taught, Laal fights to change the playing field for women’s participation in politics at the grassroots level.

Six Days3      Six Days1

The second film is the World premiere of Six Days – a universal story of women’s courage and survival in the aftermath of war. Six Days follows Lanja, Nelly, and Maia – three brave women who fight for women’s rights in three war-torn societies. Lanja is a journalist in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq who despite constant death threats gives a voice to women who are victims of honour-based violence. Nelly works in the slums of Monrovia (Liberia) where she empowers women through education. And finally Maia works for women’s health and sexual rights and fights archaic customs like ‘bride kidnapping’ in villages in the breakaway region of Abkhazia (Georgia).

30%         30%_3

The third film in this session is 30% (Women and Politics in Sierra Leone) which, incorporating oil painted animation, tells the stories of Bernadette Lahai, Barbara Bangura, and Salamatu Kamara who are fighting for the rights of women to play a role in the governance of Sierra Leone. The film tackles issues of violence and the use of sexuality to prevent women playing major roles in society and touches on the role of secret societies in restricting women’s freedom.

Half value Life2

The session concludes with Alka Sadat’s multi award-winning 2009 documentary Half Value Life (در دهکده ای که نافص الغقلم می نامن) which follows Maria Bashir, Afghanistan’s first female chief prosecutor, and her fight to eliminate violence against women and girls. The film’s awards include Public Liberties & Human Rights Award at Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival, Best Director at the International Kabul Film Festival, First Award at the Women’s Voices Now Film Festival, and Best Film at the Bilder vom Film Festival.