Sun 24 Nov 6.00 PM: The Spice Girls of India + shorts

Sunday 24 November 6.00 pm
The Spice Girls of India + shorts

+ panel discussion with Rama Dieng (writer, blogger, and development practitioner), Rahila Gupta (Southall Black Sisters), Punita Bhatt (research fellow at Open University specialising in women’s empowerment through entrepreneurship in India). Chaired by Naila Kabeer (Professor of Gender and Development, London School of Economics and Political Science).

Jay Jihyun Kim / USA / 2013 / 5 mins / no dialogue

Women Rising: Political Leadership in Africa EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Jennifer Okungu / Kenya, Malawi, Liberia, and Uganda / 2013 / 18 mins / English

The Spice Girls of India WORLD PREMIERE
Mitu Bhowmick-Lange / Australia and India / 2012 / 50 mins / English, Hindi, and regional Indian dialects with English subtitles

Falling Blossom      Falling Blossom_01

The first short film in this session is the European premiere of Jay Jihyun Kim’s Falling Blossom. During World War II thousands of women and girls from Korea, China, and other countries were forced to be sex slaves, or ‘comfort women’, for Japanese soldiers. This experimental short film, through a mixture of Korean traditional dance and kaleidoscope images, expresses the deep anguish and sorrow of ‘comfort women’.

Women Rising1     Women Rising5

The second short is the European premiere of Women Rising: Political Leadership in Africa. In Africa as in the rest of the world women are largely underrepresented in the political arena, however 2011 and 2012 saw an unprecedented number of female presidential candidates vying for office. In this inspiring short documentary, African leaders share their experiences of running for office, their ambitions, their role models, and their vision for an Africa with equal representation.

The Spice Girls of India7      The Spice Girls of India5

The main feature of this session is the World premiere of Mitu Bhowmick-Lange’s The Spice Girls of India about seven sisters who, following the death of their father, vow to continue his famous spice business. This documentary follows their inspiring story as the courageous sisters fight to overcome acid attacks, dowry killings, and the aggressive tactics employed by male competitors, to continue the family business.