LFFF 2018

At LFFF we believe in the potential of filmmaking as feminist activism and as an agent of social change. We bring to you a selection of films from around the world that address pressing and underdiscussed feminist issues.

In our 2018 programme, filmmakers expose the threats faced by human rights defenders in Latin America, and salute the efforts of a grassroots campaign to end period poverty in the UK. They are fat activists who hike without shame in Canada and researchers exploring romance between incarcerated women in Spain.

Our audience will have a chance to cheer Afro-Brazilian feminists taking to the streets and listen to three generations of Bamiléké women discussing the complexities of culture clashes and tradition. We’ll discuss the many faces of motherhood: a fetishized instrument of social control, a connecting link to identity and heritage, or a territory vulnerable to male violence.

Once more, we bring you a Feminist Classic and present to you, for the first time at LFFF, a Zine Fair and a Riot Grrrl night.

We hope you enjoy LFFF as much as we enjoyed making it happen.

London Feminist Film Festival

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